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As a mom of 2 kids, being diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 disrupted everything that encompassed my normal way of living. This was not a good feeling frankly. I and my husband were totally blank . That time my children were in 9th and 10th std. I asked my Oncologist Dr. Mandar Nadkarni that what are my survival chances at which he confidently said that 100% but will have to undergo the whole treatment which includes removing a lump which was just 1cm and chemos and 36 radiations. My husband had a word with my childrens regarding my cancer and treatment. We never knew how would they react but at that time we realized that they had grown up and matured. They just wanted me to be out of cancer. They became responsible and helped me also in each and every way. My husband Hemen supported me in every way. During chemo losing hair and eyebrows was a very difficult phase for me. After all my treatment i got recovered and was out of breast cancer. 

After a year I got my hair back and started living a normal life with check-ups regularly. I was told by my oncologist that if your tests are normal for three years you are out of "CANCER’’. And by Grace of God all reports were normal till 5 years. 

After 5 years in Jan 2019 , I got  fever which all Drs including Haematologist said is viral. My wbc started going down and I got so weak that couldn’t even walk. 

All the tests were done including blood culture. Then Dr said that Bone Marrow is the only test left. After the test to our shock, I had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). The reason for that according to the doctors may be the side effect of the earlier chemos . Acceptance of having blood cancer was difficult for me and my husband. The mere thought of Cancer was terrifying. I didn’t  hope this time but only felt defeat. The Dr where I was diagnosed with ALL said that I had to be in hospital for 11 months for treatment. The treatment was chemos which he explained were more aggressive and difficult than breast cancer chemos. I asked him when do I start my chemos n he replied today itself. I was not ready n needed myself to prepare physically as well as emotionally. I even needed to take one or 2 more opinions, but the Dr was not allowing me to go home and said anything can happen n made me sign 2 forms which said m going home at my own risk. I was firm and told my husband that I wanted to go home  first n needed a day or 2. He was also believing that we need to take 2nd opinion. 

After getting discharged from hospital, I reached home with mixed feelings n lots of doubts. After leaving me home my husband Hemen and my brother Pragnesh took my reports and went to haemotologist for 2nd opinion. I won't say all but today’s some doctors are so commercial and money-minded that they don’t care about patients emotions. One renowned Haemotologist in Bandra also suggested the same line of treatment. I asked him “ What are my survival chances”. At which he replied so rudely that 40% chances, but anything can happen during first Chemo itself and twice he crossed n said that this is treatable n not curable. Hearing this I bursted into tears n said if not curable why should I go through so much pain of chemos? I asked him whether we can do chemo through Port because through IV on hand is very painful. But he strictly refused and said that I may get infection through port and has to put IV on hand.  Though a very renowned n famous doctor, I never got positive vibe over there. 

Then I went to Dr. Suresh Advani  whom one of my friend Sonia introduced. I and my husband showed him all my reports. He also suggested the same line of treatments and my same question was to him that What are my survival chances ? At which he said 70% chances n then seeing my small face he said Y don’t you consider yourself in that 70%. You are going to be all fine,  just that treatment is little aggressive but you have to be positive n will be out of it. Then I asked him whether chemo can be done through port, he replied yes sure, through port will be less painful. But then I asked him that other Dr told me that I will get infection through port and therefore in hand. At which he explained so nicely that "Infection lagna hai toh hand IV ho ya port kahi bhi lag sakta hai. Port is also a kind of IV". He told me that these chemos are aggressive and 1st month i.e initial 4 chemos if I respond well then the goal of coming out of cancer will be easier. With this Dr I got a very positive vibe n decided to get treated under him.

My family and friends were praying for me. They also reminded me that I have gotten through it before with a positive attitude and will get through it again. After my 2 chemos I had lot of side effects. I got liver problem, got Jaundice which lasted for 2 months, got thrombosis due to which hand was swollen and had to take blood thinner injections. 

Me during chemo:

During that period small problem like constipation, acidity was also very big for me. It was hard to find a day where my body part was not paining. Last but not least I also got cataract in my right eye as a side effect of chemo. I was totally broken down but my husband Hemen supported me morally and made me strong. He was like a strong pillar which gave me hope and relief. Even my husband’s friend Pankaj, who was there throughout my cancer treatment. During my pains also he made me laugh and gave me courage and confidence. My both Son’s Jay and Harsh were also my big Strength. They were with me during my full treatment and used to stay at night in hospital. Whenever I felt low they used to build my morale and cheer me up by saying its just a time phase mom, All is well. Jay used to play comedy Amit Tandon’s videos which I used to enjoy listening and go to sleep. In a way thanks to Amit tandon also..😄😄

How can I forget Brother Tony! When I was suffering in pain after my first chemo, my neighbouring patients relative Brother Tony came to me n asked, 'Can I pray for you sister'. I just noded my head saying yes. After his prayers I felt so relieved in my pain. He also started praying for me everyday n told me that u will be fine n chemos will be stopped soon. It truly happened and was like a miracle as if God had sent him to me. Brother Tony was blessing in disguise. After some Chemos I was out of Cancer.

After undergoing these chemos. I felt breast  cancer chemos were very easy. After 4 chemos and 2 intravenous chemo I was very weak. Then Dr decided to do bone marrow test again. According to those reports I was told by Dr that Cancer Gone ! It was the most relieving moment. But still treatment had to be continued.

Would like to post some pics of happy moments during my treatment:

My Anniversary 

My frnds got a lovely cake on my b'day:

But there are 3 stages of line of treatment: Induction, Consolidation & Maintenance.     So Dr said now we will continue with Consolidation part ie 20 more chemos and then maintenance for 1 year which will be chemo tablets. But I was not ready to take more chemos and said that I would like to go for maintenance directly. At first Dr was reluctant and said that we have never done that. Then because of so many side effects of chemos I said, let me set an example that after Induction I would go for Maintenance. Thank God Dr agreed and started with maintenance and m still taking chemo tablets with regular check up done n m out of Cancer now. I cannot explain the Joy of considering cancer free myself but still my immunity is very low. I get catch to cough n cold very soon.

I  would even thank my homeopathy Dr. Zubin Marolia. He was with me in both my cancer treatment. His medicines would help me in tackling with the side effects of chemo. Now after my chemo’s he suggested Mistletoe therapy (Helixor injections) which helped me in increasing my immunity. Mistletoe basically is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on various host trees. It helps in stimulating the immune system and reduce the side effects of chemo.

Thankfullness is something I would like to flood my thoughts with. Its okay to feel sad and defeated, Its okay to cry… but Never Ever Give up. Be determined. Thanks my family, friends n my doctors for motivating me n supporting me in every way.

God is Great🙏

M Blessed🤗😊

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Hi Priti! You are a very strong cancer warrior. I've heard of survivors getting ALL from initial chemo. The oncologist you chose was the smartest on telling you if the 70% rate. I'm so glad you are well. Yes, God is good.🙏🏻🌹
Thank you so much Marcia..God is great🙏😊
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You have encapsulated your journey through the chemotherapy so well. I am battling a recurring ovarian cancer for the past 5yrs and have been in and out of IV every six months and can empathise. My family and my homeopathic doctor have been my greatest supporters too. You are indeed fortunate to have clear reports. May you continue to enjoy good health and fast recovery.
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Thank you so much dear Smita.You will also successfully win your battle and come out of Cancer..Never Give Up..God Is Great..Be Strong🙏🙏👍👍
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